30 January 2015

End Of Support Announcement for Old Versions of CAD Software

Sydney, Australia 30 January 2015 - With the opening of year 2015, CADDIT announces the scheduled end, on 1 April 2015, for basic licensing and installation support for the following products:
progeCAD 2011 and older, including USB and Network Versions
Alibre Design 2011, Alibre Design 2011 and all older versions.

Users of these products are strongly encouraged to upgrade. For convenience, upgrade orders can be placed online at the CADDIT website. Here are the links.

For upgrading to progeCAD 2014 (includes 2015 upgrade free) choose the appropriate stand alone, USB or Network upgrade from here:

For upgrading Alibre Pro or Expert to Geomagic Design or Geomagic Design ELEMENTS, you will need to resume your maintenance subscription from here:

Old Alibre users with lapsed maintenance are not CURRENT, and will need to buy the "Add.. to existing license" subscription product listed on that page. Note also, Alibre Design Standard no longer exists and that the upgrade offer from 3D Systems for this product has now expired. Old STANDARD users will be required to purchase a new license of Geomagic Design to resume upgrades and installation support.

What is basic licensing and installation support? This means any help from our local office in re-installing, moving, registering, unregistering or otherwise assisting a user of a deprecated product.

Why is installation support removed from outdated products? First, we want to express our appreciation for all of the engineers, architects, builders, designers and manufacturers who have selected our products from among many in the past. Frankly, we have little choice in this matter of very old version support. With Operating System support removed from Windows XP and Vista by Microsoft, supporting older software not only becomes unviable, but also unsafe as these systems are no longer provided with critical Functionality and Security patches. Windows 7 EOL (End Of Life) was announced by Microsoft (see table here http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/lifecycle ). Also, 3D Systems has moved to an improved, more flexible licensing system to which we want to strongly encourage users to migrate (see announcement last year: http://cadcam3d.blogspot.com.au/2014/06/geomagic-design-3d-cad.html )

To keep costs low, progeSOFT only provides mainstream support for the current version of their product. For the progeCAD USB version, also we will be unable to replace broken keys for the older versions due to diminished hardware stock of the older USB device. Supporting very old versions of an already low-cost solution simply makes no sense, isn't practical, isn't fair to our current users going forward and in some cases unsafe for the user's system.

Our decision to end basic installation and licensing help for very old versions of these and other products is therefore inline with the included End User License Agreement of each respective product and with the computer software and hardware industry in general. For now, we will maintain limited installation support for Windows 7 for versions newer than those listed above. To clarify, although the licenses for these products are permanent, our obligation to invest our time with users who insist on staying with very outdated versions is not.

For upgrade assistance or other questions please feel free to contact our Parramatta Office.

24 December 2014

Free Upgrade for progeCAD 2015 For Purchases After 15 December

CADDIT announces the worldwide offer of free upgrades to progeCAD 2015 of equivalent type for all progeCAD 2014 licenses and upgrades paid for on or after 15 December 2014. This means that a purchase of progeCAD 2014 USB will also get a free upgrade to 2015 USB at no extra cost, an upgrade from progeCAD 2011 to 2014 will also get 2015 upgrade at no extra cost, and so forth. Upgrades will be distributed during the first few weeks after the global release announcement of progeCAD 2015 on the CAD Software Blog and on CADDIT.net. This free upgrade offer applies to ENGLISH language license purchase only, and will continue until the release of progeCAD 2015 on CADDIT.net.

progeCAD 2015 will offer a more dynamic interface while continuing to improve performance, add new features and fixes. Expected features will include Dynamic Input (Dynamic Input provides real-time input fields at the actual cursor location for certain commands, etc), dynamic UCS and 2D planes as well as supporting Z axis 3D ortho mode and "grips" for dynamic editing ACIS solids in real-time. progeCAD will also support Annotative Objects and Styles, which automatically adjust the size and scale at which annotation objects are displayed in model space or a layout similar to newer versions of AutoCAD. Many other improvements will be provided as well, and a more comprehensive list will follow. progeCAD 2015 will also be the new supported version then going forward after release.

To benefit from this free upgrade offer, simply place any progeCAD 2014 English order on the CADDIT.net website. After the 2015 release, free upgrades will be sent to all progeCAD customers with orders paid on or after 15 December 2014. The progeCAD 2014 serial key will be replaced with a progeCAD 2015 serial key and a new download link will be sent for the software, similar to how has been done in past years. The free upgrade will apply to all new progeCAD Professional, progeCAD USB and Floating Network licenses purchased on or after 15 December. New dongles will not be required for the progeCAD USB upgrade. Free upgrades will also be sent to any users now purchasing a progeCAD 2014 upgrade for an existing seat of progeCAD 2008, 2009, etc. This promotion will last until the day that progeCAD 2015 release is announced on this website.

For more information about this free 2015 promotion please contact CADDIT here.

15 December 2014

Mesh to Solid in Geomagic Design, New Update

CADDIT announces the availability of a new update for Geomagic Design with enhanced mesh to solid functionality and other enhancements. Geomagic Design is a complete but affordable 2D/3D CAD system for mechanical design similar to SolidWorks and Inventor, and  available through the CADDIT.net website in Australia since 2009. Version 16 recently added milestone mesh import and conversion functionality to the already large set of design tools including parametric and direct solid modelling, assembly and sheet metal design, BOM and 2D drafting along with a large collection of third party applications for motion simulation, rendering and CNC machining.

When Geomagic Design 16.0 was first announced, milestone features allowing users to convert mesh triangle models (such as from 3D scanners and printers) into useable CAD models was introduced. This means that we can read a file of discrete triangles such as in STL, OBJ or 3DS and convert these into true NURBS based solids for export as IGES, STEP or SolidWorks CAD models using a proprietary "auto-surfacing" technology. Geomagic Design 16.0.2, recently released, adds Boolean to Mesh, trim solid to 3D mesh, and the ability to "snap" to mesh edges in Sketch mode. This provides the mechanical CAD designer with a true hybrid modelling environment unique to Geomagic Design. The following table summarizes these powerful new capabilities.

Scan to CAD - scan directly into Geomagci Design using Sense Scanner
Scan to CAD - users can now attach a low-cost Sense scanner directly into Geomagic Design and begin importing 3D scan data without any need for conversion. Simply click "Launch Sense Scanner" from the main menu. The resulting 3D scanner information will be added to the parametric model history tree as "Mesh" type entities.

Convert to Solid - Mesh entities do not need to remain mesh entities anymore. Reverse engineering time is now greatly reduced with the ability to change a mesh into a solid model with just a few mouse clicks. This functionality was originally discussed in the v16 announcement here: http://cadcam3d.blogspot.com.au/2014/06/geomagic-design-3d-cad.html

This works for both mechanical or organic type mesh models. The results of this conversion process for a sample freeform surface model are shown here to the right.

Boolean to Mesh - Solid model Boolean operations are among the oldest in the direct modelling toolbox of CAD software. Shapes are changed by "adding" or "subtracting" the volume or one solid to another. Geomagic Design extends this functionality by allowing users to specify a mesh as the Boolean tool. Solids may also now be trimmed or cut against an imported or scanned mesh entity as shown below.

Version 16.0.2 also introduced the ability to "snap" to a point on a mesh while in the part sketch mode. The To-Next termination condition type for the Extrude Boss and Extrude Cut operations also now supports the selection of a surface or a mesh. Imported meshes can also now be precisely re-located and oriented against the existing model space using the new Locate Mesh function.

Geomagic Design 16.0.2 reveals the forward vision of Geomagic Design as a true parametric hybrid, capable of using both NURBS solids and triangle mesh models together in the mechanical design process. For a free trial of the new version of Geomagic Design visit the CADDIT website at this link:

27 November 2014

progeCAD Center 2014: The Toolbox You Didn't know You Had

https://www.caddit.net/progecad/progecad.phpprogeCAD is a low-cost CAD alternative for creating, editing and plotting native AutoCAD DWG files without buying AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT. Since the release of progeCAD 2013, every installation is accompanied with a toolbox called progeCAD Center. progeCAD center is also available for use during the free trial period of the software. progeCAD Center can be started from the START menu icon within the progeCAD Start Folder, or from the icon on the Desktop menu in Windows 8.1 (shown right).

Once started, there are several categories which appear in the toolbox. For progeCAD 2014 these are: Launch progeCAD, Register progeCAD, Online Support, Help / Video, Settings, Utility, Support Tools. We will review each of these as used in progeCAD 2014 professional.

  • Launch progeCAD: This CLOSES progeCAD Center and starts the progeCAD Software program.
  • Register progeCAD: When you buy a progeCAD license or install a new progeCAD Network client, use this option to activate the license code.
  • Online Support: A webpage to the contact us page for support questions is opened. progeCAD Center remains active.
  • Help / Video: Launches the progeCAD Searchable Help files, either for users or programmers. Video Tutorials open a webpage with a list of online video lessons for CAD beginners.
  • Settings: Turn graphics acceleration on or off (recommend ON), Repair (use this first if progeCAD stops running as a result of the user environment somehow becoming corrupt), Toggle Automatic Updates On or OFF (recommend ON), User support folder - direct access to progeCAD support files for templates, hatches etc.
  • Support Tools: Rescue, Troubleshooter and Dumper are all functions used when in contact with the progeCAD development team for remote access and analysis of problems that a user may be having specific to their installation of progeCAD. progeCAD Extras opens a webpage with a few extra downloads, including the VBA toolkit for progeCAD 2013 and 2014, as well as updated USB dongle drivers for mobile USB licenses.
These tools can become very useful in different situations. For example, a long running progeCAD installation may on occasion suddenly begin to crash on startup. This has to do with some way progeCAD was adjusted or reconfigured during a previous session and now the environment is corrupt. Simply using the Repair function under Settings often resolves the issue immediately.

For more information about progeCAD as a low-cost AutoCAD solution, contact CADDIT or visit the website HERE.