20 February 2014

progeCAD 2014 Released on CADDIT.net - Update Information and More.

Sydney, Australia 18 February 2014 - CADDIT announces the completed initial release of progeCAD 2014 to Australia and New Zealand customers. progeCAD is the region's de facto choice for low-cost AutoCAD-compatible design software, and progeCAD 2014 is definitely the most advanced release ever. With the initial milestone of complete rewriting and refactoring finished in 2013, progeCAD 2014 was free to explore important features long requested by our users:
  • AutoCAD table entity creation and support for DWG files with data tables
  • Massive improvements in 3D - including functional ACIS sweep command and a full range of 3D architectural design tools.
  • 3D PDF Publishing included free for sharing 3D designs.
  • Initial support for Dynamic Blocks. progeCAD now attempts to present dynamic block data from AutoCAD DWG files using the grips interface. This support is still under development.
  • progeCAD now offers a full interface for creating new multi-line styles.
  • Improved support for various graphic cards.
  • Command line auto-completion mode (DYNMODE).
  • Hundreds of other improvements and enhancements.

CADDIT will begin processing iCARE and promotional upgrade entitlements this week. Users will be notified via email of their new progeCAD 2014 (English version) serial code. Please note that a 2013 serial code will not work with progeCAD 2014. Please also note that the progeCAD Standard product is no longer available. Other users who wish to upgrade from a previous progeCAD version may do so here.

A completely new 30-day trial of progeCAD 2014 can now be immediately downloaded from www.caddit.net. CADDIT is the major supplier of progeCAD to Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific region since 2007. We are proud of our now very large community of users in ANZ and hope that this new release demonstrates our desire to help deliver the features requested by these users. CADDIT was directly involved with some of the new features in version 2014 and can be contacted via the website details as usual, http://www.caddit.net/store/index.php?main_page=contact_us .

26 November 2013

progeCAD 2014 Free Upgrade Offer Starts 26 November

Sydney, Australia 25 November 2013 - CADDIT announces a global free upgrade offer for all new and upgrade purchases of progeCAD Professional 2013 from CADDIT.net. Buy a new license of progeCAD 2013 now and receive an equivalent progeCAD 2014 product upgrade free, after the general release. progeCAD 2014 is currently scheduled for release in the next few months. progeCAD 2014 will follow up the successful 2013 DRX/IRX based code re-write with features requested by our users:

AutoCAD Tables - creation and editing of text & entity tables introduced
Dynamic Blocks - basic support introduced
3D Architecture tools
3D Sweep solid modelling command enabled
Create New Multiline Styles enabled
Many more features, small and large not mentioned here ...

progeCAD has long been a favourite low-cost CAD alternative for creating and editing .DWG CAD files from Autodesk. Features have long included PDF import and printing, 3D modelling and rendering, USB and network license support and more.

The progeCAD 2014 free upgrade promotion begins 26 November 2013 AEST (Australia Sydney Time) for all new full and upgrade orders placed for progeCAD Professional 2013 version (current) ENGLISH LANGUAGE ONLY - including progeCAD Pro, progeCAD USB, progeCAD Network NLM and OFFICE licenses. It does not apply to orders placed before this date.

For more information please contact CADDIT directly using this link:http://www.caddit.net/store/index.php?main_page=contact_us

27 July 2013

Free progeCAD Update for Existing 2013 Users Further Improves Performance

CADDIT is happy to announce the release of another important update for the progeCAD 2013 CAD software platform. progeCAD is a well-known AutoCAD alternative capable of fast DWG CAD drawing, PDF import/export, architectural or mechanical CAD drawing at a fraction of the cost of AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT. progeCAD 2013 is a milestone update which delivers over 300 improvements.

Some of these improvements include minor additions to the user interface, such as adding a "remove boundaries" button in the hatch dialog, improvement to QSELECT and adding message box to allow to user to show created PDF or JPG after printing. Other enhancements include developer improvements in SDS C++, VBA and support for several new VL, VLA and VLAX functions including vlax-get-acad-object, vla-get-activedocument, vla-get-modelspace, vlax-get-property and much more.

Speed and reliability has also been improved again in multiple areas including copy, undo, freeze & thaw, selectionpreview, group sorting by name, general graphics and navigation as well as others areas. Other improvements include over 100 small fixes in various areas of the software environment.
Existing users of progeCAD 2013 should be notified automatically of the update via the progeCAD update advisor. Users can also download the fully updated version from www.caddit.net or one of their international partners. For a free thirty-day trial of this latest version of progeCAD, CAD users are encouraged to visit http://www.caddit.net/progecad/progecad.php

17 July 2013

Geomagic Design 2014 Released on CADDIT.net with new Motion and FEA Options

Sydney Australia - Geomagic Design 2014 has been released on CADDIT Australia. One central aspect to this update is name change for all of the package levels as follows:

Geomagic Design Personal Edition is now Cubify Design
Geomagic Design Professional is now Geomagic Design ELEMENTS
Geomagic Design Expert is now Geomagic Design

This will take a little getting used to for some of us, so CADDIT continues to maintain the comparison chart on their website regarding the differences between these package levels. Also released with Geomagic Design 2014 is an extra, optional upgrade to Motion 2.0 called Alibre Dynamics and an FEA option called Simulate. The Dynamics package has been released at a very affordable cost for existing and new full Geomagic Design users under active subscription. Cubify and Design ELEMENTS users will have to upgrade to the top level Geomagic Design first before qualifying for the discounted Dynamics package.

Geomagic Design Dynamics - fantastic motion studies at low cost for Geomagic Design users on active subscription. Cubify and ELEMENT user will need to upgrade to Geomagic Design first.

Also announced was a new FEA (Finite Element Analysis) option called Simulate which extends the motion dynamics package with full 3D FEA in a unified interface for both motion simulation and finite element analysis studies. Study types include stress/strain, vibrational, thermal, etc. Use of powerful combined dynamics/FEA simulation allows for joint forces from the motion to be converted to distributed loads, inertial information is transferred into the FEA model and stress, and strain which can be re-calculated at every step of the simulation. Both packages include full comprehensive help and tutorials and can open ACIS solid models directly. Both packages are very user-friendly.


Geomagic Design 2014 also includes dozens of small fixes and enhancements in the base product of the software so any user under active subscription will benefit - but for the simulation software users will need to be using the latest version of Geomagic Design (not Cubify or ELEMENT) and pay the option fee(s). All prices for these options are listed in AUD on CADDIT.net HERE.
For more information about Geomagic Design 2014 or for a trial, visit us at: http://www.caddit.net/cad-cam-software/geomagic.php